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The Queen of Hearts Development Initiative

The Queen of Hearts development Initiative is a charity project aimed at reaching out to the less-endowed both locally and internationally. Each year, the winner of The Queen of Hearts beauty contest will act as a goodwill ambassador working with a sector she wishes to develop.
The winner is welcome to choose her target charity and objective freely. The reigning Queen will be the face of the project and coordinate the campaign together with the contest organisers. The Queen of Hearts Development Initiative can cover anything from development cooperation to awareness-raising and capacity-building. The project can take place either in Finland or abroad.

Nepal Mother Foundation in Nepal

 The Queen of Hearts 2013, Shristi Neupane from Nepal chose Nepal Mother Foundation as her target charity. Together, we organised cultural events and took part in pop-up restaurant events to raise funds for girls' education in Nepal. 


Fountain of Life in Malawi

The Queen of Hearts 2012, Annie Virtanen, chose Fountain of Life project in Malawi as her target charity. The NGO works to empower and counsel young girls that have been raped. and o raise awareness in different primary schools. 

In 2013, The Queen of Hearts made a monetary donation to support the organisation's operations in Malawi.

Umoja Youth Centre in Tanzania

The winner of The Queen of Hearts 2010, Elizabeth, chose Umoja youth centre in her home town Arusha as her target charity. The centre offers free education to young people between the ages 14 and 26 years that come from a background of extreme poverty often coupled with other issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence and broken families.
In 2012, The Queen of Hearts made a monetary donation to sponsor two promising students with their school fees. We also donated 30 brand new backpacks to Umoja students. 

Hiari Orphanage Centre in Tanzania

The target charity for the year 2009 was Hiari Orphanage Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In July 2010, Queen Mirfat traveled to Tanzania to make the donation of beds, mattresses, bed sheets and mosquito nets purchased with the money raised in her campaign.