The Queen of Hearts 2013

The Queen of Hearts 2013 was crowned Saturday 9.2.2013 at restaurant Kaarle XII in Helsinki.
The Queen of Hearts 9.2.2013
Shristi Neupane from Nepal was crowned the winner. Anahita Hushangi representing Finland and Iran came second, and the third place went to Alina Bayronova from Russia.
We also got to enjoy a colourful Bollywood spectacle courtesy of Royal Bollywood Dance Group and an amazing singing performance by Ellie Kamthunzi from Malawi. In addition to these, the audience had a chance to witness something brand new: a special dance routine performed by all Queen Candidates together.
Queen Candidates 2013
Finalists' roots went all the way to Iran, Kenya, India, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and the United States. And of course Finland was also represent.

  1. Dimisha Rodgers, Finland/United States
  2. Shristi Neupane, Nepal
  3. Katri Kähkönen, Finland
  4. Elizabeth Wambui, Kenya
  5. Polina Belonogova, Russia
  6. Vikanda Nurmi, Thailand/China
  7. Janet Wanjiru, Kenya
  8. Rumpa Saha, Finland/India
  9. Alina Bayronova, Russia
  10. Anahita Hushangi, Finland/Iran
Finalists' talents ranged from Persian and Nepalese dance to salsa, reggaeton, tap dance and Bollywood, visual arts, poetry and musical performances.





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