The Queen of Hearts 2011: Gaëlle Le Vu

The Queen of Hearts 2011 was organised on 12 February in Helsinki. Gaëlle Le Vu from France was crowned the winner. In the contest, Gaëlle charmed the judges and audience with her acrobatic and artistic pole dance performance.
In addition to studying Business Administration with a major in marketing, Gaëlle teaches dance acrobatics in the evenings.She believes everyone needs a goal to be happy in life - and hers  is to express herself better with her body, as well as her words.
Gaëlle consider herself to be a very strong woman. She left her home country when she was 18, and despite missing her family a lot during the difficult times, she has not regretted her choice because of all the things she has learned on her journey. That is why she is happy to represent all the international women in Finland who have made a choice to broaden their horizons and experience different cultures, whatever their reason.




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