The Queen of Hearts 2010: Elizabeth Rokala

The Queen of Hearts 2010 was organised on 13 February in Helsinki. Elizabeth Rokala from Tanzania was crowned the winner. She also won the vote for audience favourite.
Elizabeth - or Lisa, as friends call her - says she is generous, hard-working, organised and creative. These are all qualities that most certainly come in handy in her everyday life; Lisa works in a kindergarten. 
Lisa's hobbies include singing, dancing, reading, traveling, cooking and - of course - shopping! She is also good with her hands and likes to design and put together different outfits and decorations.
In the contest, Lisa wowed the audience with her amazing singing and dancing performance. As The Queen of Hearts, Lisa has started a project helping Finland's international women network and make full use of their strengths. Lisa also hopes to expand her charity to touch women in her home country Tanzania. 




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