The Queen of Hearts 2009: Mirfat Awadh Abdulrahim

On 14 February 2009, Mirfat Awadh Abdulrahim from Tanzania was crowned as The Queen of Hearts 2009. She was also voted the audience favourite.
In her everyday life, Mirfat works as a practical nurse. She describes herself as caring, respectful and sweet. Cultural diversity is also part of Mirfat's own family background. Her father is an Arab and her mother is half Tanzanian, half Italian.
For Mirfat, the meaning of beauty covers also the character of a person. It is not only the external appearance of a person but a synonym for being kind and loving. Mirfat says that to her, beauty is just another word for being positive!

Already during the rehearsals, Mirfat's natural talent and confidence won over everyone she worked with, including her fellow contestants. But it was her performance on stage that convinced the judges of her abilities to carry the crown with elegance and grace. As her talent performance, Mirfat danced to Arabic rhythms and, during the questions round, impressed the audience with her well-spokenness and intelligence.




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