Hiari Orphanage Centre in Tanzania

The target charity for the year 2009 was Hiari Orphanage Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The centre is run by a local non-governmental organisation. Hiari currently provides a home for 78 children between the ages of one and eighteen. Many of them have been orphaned by AIDS. 

Help with Hygiene And Housing

The Queen of Hearts 2009 Mirfat Awadh Abdulrahim established a campaign to raise funds for the orphanage in her former home town. The objective was to help the orphanage develop their operations and the conditions of the children living there.

Making a Difference 

The Queen of Hearts Development Initiative raised money to provide the centre with beds and mosquito nets. The nets can save lives because malaria is a common cause of death in Tanzania.
In July 2010, Mirfat travelled to Tanzania to make a donation on beds, mattresses, bed sheets and mosquito nets purchased with the money raised in her campaing.

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