Fountain of Life in Malawi

The Queen of Hearts 2012, Annie Virtanen, chose Fountain of Life project in Malawi as her target charity.
The NGO was founded in 2009 and its objective is to empower and counsel young girls that have been raped. The organisation also works to raise awareness in different primary schools and visit them to talk about rape.

Before moving to Finland, Annie volunteered with the project, visiting a local hospital weekly and witnessed girls from age of 2-14 that had been raped by their step fathers, brothers, teachers, neighbours or complete strangers.

In Malawi, talking about rape is still a taboo, and Fountain of Life is there to break barriers and allow women and girls to speak out and receive proper counseling on how to go through the healing process both physically and emotionally. It is also unfortunate that in Malawi most people who have contracted HIV believe that if they sleep with an innocent child they will be healed. This is a huge problem as young girls now are contracting the virus through rape.




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