About the Contest

The Queen of Hearts is a beauty contest for all international women in Finland. We are looking for a woman who can represent the new multiethnic Finland and serve as a role model for women and girls everywhere. 

Welcoming Women of All Nationalities 

The Queen of Hearts is an international beauty contest where it is the inner beauty of a woman that counts. The objective of the contest is to celebrate women of different nationalities based in Finland and promote values such as composure, compassion and confidence - the beauty from within.

We are looking for a woman who embodies these values and as The Queen, will represent the multiethnic face of Finland today! Women of all nationalities living in Finland are welcome to join the contest. Entrants must be 18 years old or over.

Everybody Wins in The Queen of Hearts

There are no losers in The Queen of Hearts. All contestants will gain valuable experience and have the chance to take part in free stage training, not to mention the selection of gifts worth of thousands of euros. 
In addition to all this, the winner of the contest will receive a cash prize along with several product prizes from our partners. For the following year, she will represent the multiethnic community. The Queen will also get a chance to campaign for a cause of her choice under The Queen of Hearts Development Initiative.





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