The Queen of Hearts
- Searching for the Beauty from Within

The Queen of Hearts is an international beauty contest organised annually in Helsinki, Finland. In the contest, we look for a woman to represent international women in Finland and act as a goodwill ambassador promoting intercultural values and self-worth.

Ebony F. Johnson from The Bahamas is The Queen of Hearts 2015!

The Queen of Hearts 2015 was organised Saturday 14.2.2015 at The Tiger in Helsinki. Ebony F. Johnson from The Bahamas was crowned the winner. Mimosa Sukanen from Finland came second, and the third place went to Ksenia Atlaskina from Russia. Sabina Dhaugoda from Nepal was voted Audience Favourite. 

A big thank you to all our fantastic finalists, performers, sponsors, judges, workers and of the audience! First photos of the winners have been published on our Facebook page. Like our FB page for more photos, news and updates!

Meet the Queen Candidates 2015

Once again, all ten finalists were amazing international women - beautiful both inside and out. 

♥ Ksenia Atlaskina, Russia
♥ Eniolaoluwa Adekunle Sokoya, Nigeria
♥ Mimosa Sukanen, Finland
♥ Nadya Söderholm, Indonesia
♥ Aleksandra Mackevica, Latvia
♥ Sabina Dhaugoda, Nepal
♥ Linh Nguyen Tran Nhat, Vietnam
♥ Elizabeth Tugaine, Uganda
♥ Ekaterina Vasina, Russia
♥ Ebony F. Johnson, The Bahamas






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